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Trade relations

Experienced economist and not so experienced economist are walking
down the road. They come across some shit lying on the asphalt.
Experienced economist: "If you eat it I'll give you $20,000!"
Not so experienced economist runs his optimization problem and figures
out he's better off eating it so he does and collects money.
Continuing along the same road they almost step into yet another shit.
Not so experienced economist: "Now, if YOU eat this shit I'll give YOU
After evaluating the proposal experienced economist eats shit getting
the money.
They go on. Not so experienced economist starts thinking: "Listen, we
both have the same amount of money we had before, but we both ate
shit. I don't see us being better off."
Experienced economist: "Well, that's true, but you overlooked the fact
that we've been just involved in $40,000 of trade."

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